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Li'l Herc: The Power of Kindness shares how Li’l Herc helps ‘Marie’ heal from a difficult time in her lifedue to a lifelong illness. Because she is unable to run and play or even go to school, Marie feels ‘different’ than other kids, and worries things may never change for her.  

Marie spends a lot of time with her dog, Frida, while reading books about places around the world that she dreams to visit someday.  Li’l Herc is sure that he can help Marie—because he knows that “horses are good at helping people.”

Through his horse sense, Li’l Herc helps Marie grow stronger, physically and mentally. As their relationship deepens, so does Marie’s hope that she can have her own adventures. Li’l Herc offers to be her travel companion because that is also what horses are good at doing. Frida will join them because true friends always stick together.

Li’l Herc is based on Hercules, the real-life Lusitano bay colt owned by first time horse owner and author, Suzanne Kopp-Moskow. Li’l Herc is brought into Marie’s life by Frida, based on Suzanne’s real-life tri-color Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, to help Marie overcome her sadness and frustration.

The story is inspired by the author’s own struggles from childhood. Bringing Li'l Herc from paddock to paper, is French artist and multi-media illustrator Beatrice Bulteau of Portugal.